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Can you summarise the Eigenlayer airdrop FUD and how the team responded, also provide a timestamp?

The controversy surrounding the Eigenlayer airdrop relates to allegations of token lock-up and exclusions affecting certain user groups, which led to a stir in the community, evident from various online discussions and reactions.

Summary of the Airdrop FUD:

  1. Exclusion Concerns: Initial reactions indicated that the airdrop excluded users from particular regions, including the USA, Canada, and parts of Africa and Asia. Additionally, there seemed to be confusion or discontent over the exclusion of users of VPNs and those participating through more complex DeFi protocols.
  2. Lock and Transfer Restrictions: Comments and criticisms emerged regarding the EIGEN tokens being locked and non-transferable, leading to frustrations as these limitations were perceived to undermine the utility and immediate value of the tokens. There were expressions of disenchantment from the community as they felt these measures might "farm their user base to boost metrics and then abandon their core community."

Response from Eigenlayer Team:

The Eigenlayer team responded, aiming to clarify and address the concerns:

1. Clarification of Phases and Exclusions

  • It was stated that the token is initially non-transferrable to manage regulatory risks, especially concerning U.S. regulations.
  • The phases of the airdrop were explained, where phase 1 included direct stakers and phase 2 would involve users of DeFi protocols ("complex DeFi users"). This meant the second phase aimed to accommodate those initially felt excluded.

2. Communication Efforts

  • In response to the backlash, detailed explanations were provided through announcements and in community engagements such as Twitter threads and AMA sessions. These engagements aimed to address community concerns and outline both the phased approach and the rationale behind each decision, including compliance and security motivations.

3. Website and Blog Updates

  • Further clarifications were published on the Eigenlayer website and through blog posts which provided in-depth details about the distribution mechanics and timelines.

  • These communications emphasized the long-term vision for EIGEN's utility within the Eigenlayer ecosystem, highlighting how the token would play a crucial role in enabling new functionalities on the Ethereum layer.

Timestamps of Key Events:

  • 2024-04-29: Initial airdrop announcement and subsequent community reactions.

  • 2024-04-30 to 2024-05-03: Period of intense discussion in social media, with responses and clarifications issued by the Eigenlayer team.

  • 2024-05-10: Official opening of the EIGEN claims (as per the announcement from EigenLayer on May 10, 2024).

The team responded diligently to the community and clarified that the first season is split into two main phases, and users were not disqualified as the token will be tradable at the same time for both phases.

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