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Navigating the sea of information in crypto

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MetaSearch is EASY

MetaSearch is an AI-powered vertical search platform that aggregates, sorts and curates real-time information from all crypto-related sources - social platforms, publishing platforms, audio content, industry research, news sites and beyond. We aim to bring structures to terabytes of unstructured information in crypto and facilitate research.


One platform, all the info

It’s simple: you can now search across the entire space for anything crypto-related in one single click.


Unlock the unsearchable

We make the unsearchable, searchable. Podcasts, Twitter Space, research reports in separate pdfs, you name it.


Customizable alerts in Real-Time

Alerts are prevalent, yet targeted bespoke alerts are lacking. We make alerts highly customizable so that you can focus on what really matters.


Power better decision-making

Streamlined research process, expanded searchable domain, bespoke real-time alerts help you make better decisions with greater confidence.

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