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What is Kaito?
Kaito is an AI-powered search platform for Web3. Founded in March 2022 in Seattle, USA, we have since expanded globally, with over 20 members across the US and Asia. Today, we provide services to our professional clients through our all-in-one information platform, MetaSearch, and cater to the broader Web3 community via our LLM-based search engine, WHAT.
Kaito aims to revolutionize information access in Web3. We index thousands of premium Web3 sources and transform terabytes of unstructured information into searchable and actionable insights, thereby empowering more informed decision-making.
Kaito is developed by a team with unmatched hedge fund, machine learning, and blockchain experience. As web3 researchers, builders, and investors ourselves, we have an intimate understanding of the current pain points in Web3 search. Our technology-driven solution for information sourcing, sorting, and curation harnesses sophisticated data science, state-of-the-art machine learning, and our extensive expertise in large, complex distributed data systems.
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