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Kaito's APIs enable you to systematically access our proprietary in-house datasets, helping you to make more informed decisions in Web3.
Why Kaito?
Our APIs cater to funds, project teams, research houses, exchanges and more, offering real-time access to the highest quality and most comprehensive knowledge dataset, as well as quantifiable social metrics that span our proprietary database.
Seamless Integration
Easily integrate multiple Kaito features for systematic decision making, monitoring, and analysis. Our API ensures a wealth of information at your fingertips.
Seamless Integration
Proprietary Metrics and Feeds
Access unique datasets including Sentiment, Mindshare and Smart Following or keep on top of markets. Our industry-leading methodology, coverage and data reliability help you make informed decisions and stay ahead.
Proprietary Metrics and Feeds
Comprehensive Coverage
With coverage of 2000 tokens and extensive Web3 sources, our API offers unparalleled access to both up-to-date and historical data, empowering well-informed decisions in the evolving Web3 space.
Comprehensive Coverage
Mindshare API
Sentiment API
Mentions API
Engagement API
Feeds API
Crypto Twitter Search
Smart Following API
Smart Follower API
Mindshare API
The Mindshare API measures the social dominance of approximately 2,000 projects, each represented as a percentage of the overall market over a time series. Mindshare is Kaito’s proprietary metric and has been widely adopted by project teams as a measure of share of voice and by financial institutions as a measure of social momentum.
The symbol of the cryptocurrency for which you want to retrieve time series data.
The start date for time filtering.
The end date for time filtering.
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